Footlogix #9 Foot Deodorant Spray 4.2oz

Foot Treatment

FOOTLOGIX - Foot Deodorant Spray - 4.2Oz

125 ml / 4.2 oz

Formulated with Tea-Tree Oil and Menthol, Footlogix Foot Deodorant is proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria.

Formula neutralizes foot odors, cools the skin and leaves a refreshing scent.

Footlogix 10 refreshing shoe deodorant spray kills the bacteria causing odor in your shoes providing a fresh fragrance all day long. This spray eliminates unpleasant footwear odors at its source containing tree tea oil specifically targeted to kill the germs that cause the odors.This spray is not harmful to materials (leather, plastics etc.). and helps to prevent fungal infections. Contains no perfumes or preservatives. Recommended for people with foot odors or just to maintain healthy feet and a pleasant fragrance.

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Footlogix #9 Foot Deodorant Spray 4.2oz
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