Pure Acetone Remover 1 Gallon
Pure Acetone Remover 1 Gallon / 128oz | 3457mL An economic choice for quick and fast artificial nail removal.  Recommended use:  Use to remove artificial nail products: nail polish, soak off gel polish and acrylic nails. Pro tip Mix pure acetone with...
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Citra-Cide Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner
Lemon-scented, EPA registered, neutral pH, hospital grade quaternary-based disinfectant cleaner. Outstanding cleaning and broad-spectrum disinfecting in one step. Kills HIV-1, Hepatitis B virus, MRSA, MRSA-CA and E-coli and numerous other microorganisms. Ideal for health, restroom sanitation, schools and instutions
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Nitrile Gloves Medical Grade - Powder Free 100 Count Textured, Soft
Nitrile Gloves Medical Grade Powder-Free Examination Gloves Nitrile Gloves are resistant to a wider range of chemicals. Provides an exceptional balance of performance, comfort and durability  Diamond Gloves Advance Series  Finger Tip Thickness: 3.9 mil Ambidextrous, Textured, Beaded Non-sterile Violet...
Ikonna Sterilizing Box Tray Clear Blue
Ikonna Sterilizing Box Tray Clear Blue For disinfecting of implements Plastic sterilizer tray features a self draining basket that rises when the lid is opened. When the lid is closed the tray lowers to allow the complete submersion of your...
Multi-Purpose Paper Towels Recycled with Virgin Pulp
Strong and absorbent and environmentally friendly. Made of Virgin Pulp Fibers Imprinted pattern with useful a texture. 3-Ply 100 Sheets
MAR-V-CIDE  Disinfectant, Germicide, Fungicide, Virucide
EPA approved MAR-V-CIDE isfour times the concentrationof our leading competitor, as a hospital disinfectant.Kills the AIDS Virus (HIV-1).Kills Athlete's Foot fungi.Effective against Herpes Simplex Type 1 and 2.Contains rust inhibitorUsing MAR-V-CIDE will cut your disinfectant costs by up to 75%.Directions:...
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Aluminum Spray Bottle 10oz - Pink
Soft N Style - Trigger Spray Aluminum Bottle Adjustable spray: mist to targeted spray Smooth coated inside, won't rust Proportionate 10oz bottle Available in 3 colors: Silver, Pink and Black
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  • Pink
  • Black
  • Silver
Salon Chic - Expressions All-Purpose We Love Nails Tech Apron
Salon Chic - Expressions All-Purpose We Love Nails Tech Apron This all-purpose nail tech apron is both functional and fun! It is made from 100% premium polyester, making it both chemical and water proof. It has two convenient front pockets,...
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Elite Hot Towel Cabinet - Mini
Elite Hot Towel Cabinet - Mini Description This mini single hot-towel-cabinet keeps towels warm all day long and can hold a maximum of 12 small, facial-sized towels. Maintains consistent temp of 150-160 degrees. Comes with water-drip pan and interior towel...
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Ikonna Manicure Ergonomic Stool - White
Please contact for shipping rates. Ikonna - Manicure Ergonomic Stool 17" x 22.5"
777 Nail Clipper BOX ( 12pcs ) Long Style
777 Nail Clipper  BOX ( 12pcs ) Long Style
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Fanta Sea - UV Sterilizing Cabinet
Fanta Sea - UV Sterilizer Cabinet UV sterilizating unit features an automatic shut-off when the drawer is opened. Sterilizes brushes, combs, implements, shears and other beauty tools.
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Strike Bac Lemon Disinfectant 1 Gallon - EPA approved again Covid-19
Strike Bac Disinfectant Cleaner with Lemon Scent EPA approved for use against COVID-19.  EPA registration number:1839-168-37265 Strike Bac Lemon Odor Disinfectant is a phosphate-free, formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfection for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food service...
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Invisible Manner Guard™ - Reusable Face Mask
These hygienic masks are lightweight and guards from microsopic saliva. The transparent shield has 99.99% anti-bacterial film with anti-fog treatment. The guard rest on the chin so the shield doesn't get in the way. Transparent, reusable and washable.  Includes: Sanitary Face Mask...
Lint Free Wipes 100 Pieces
Semi Permanent Tattoo Makeup - Lint Free Wipes - 1000/PK Place Lint Free Wipes in steel jar with filtered water for use during Semi Permanent Tattoo Makeup. It is imperative not to double wipe and contaminate the area being tattooed....
Salon Chic - Zebra Salon Apron
Salon Chic - Zebra Salon Apron This all-purpose apron is made from a sleek poly/satin material which makes it water resistant and static-free. It features two convenient front pockets, adjustable neck strap and waist ties. Machine washable.
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Salon Chic - 8" Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb
Salon Chic - 8" Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb Three rows of teeth provide three times the volume! Great for backcombing, teasing, sectioning and finishing hair.
Soft N Style- Mini Funnel - Black
Soft N Style- Mini Funnel - Black 3.5" x 3.5" Allows you to easily fill bottles and other small containers.
Cuticle Oil - 1 gallon
Cuticle Oil 1Gallon - Pineapple scent Bulk nail supply backbar Economical, but high quality cuticle treatment.  Perfect finish to a manicure service Subtle, yet pleasant pineapple scent.
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Mini Fan Tabletop Adjustable Desk Fan
Mini Desk Top Fan Perfect for drying nails and blowing away fumes and odors. Table top mini fan Adjustable angle Sturdy and powerful Features and on/off switch 5 ft. cord 110 volts Available in 2 styles Black Turbo White Mini...
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Hot Towel Cabinet Warmer Plus 48 Towels
Hot Towel Cabinet Warmer Plus - 48 Towels Holds 48 facial-sized (small, wash cloth) towels Contains an internal temperature control so the unit does not over-heat Insulated cabinet w/ padded heating element surrounds all internal walls for consistent heating This...
Salon Chic - Easy Clean Salon Apron
Easy Clean Salon Apron 4043 This lightweight salon apron has a beautifully sleek and satin shine. Stylists will benefit from the convenient zippers in the pockets to easily remove stray hairs. It's made of a Poly/Satin material which is static...
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Prolinc Be Natural - Callus Eliminator - 1 Gallon
  Prolinc Be Natural Callus Eliminator 3.79L/128fl.oz./1Gallon Callus Eliminator saves you time and effort by doing the work for you. It breaks down calluses in 3-5 minutes, so you can just file and buff them away!  
$150.00 $149.95
Soft N Style- Big Digit Round Timer
Soft N Style- Big Digit Round Timer Round 60 minute timer with easy-to-see big digits. 2.75" x 2.9"