Wahl 5-Star Cordless Senior Hair Clipper #8504-400 Professional Series
Wahl 5-Star Cordless Senior Professional Series Hair Clipper #8504-400  Cordless  The 5 Star Cordless Senior is a one of a kind clipper with it's precision fade blades, metal bottom housing and cord/cordless capabilities. It's powerful rotary motor results in consistent...
$189.00 $159.99
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Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500
Super power in a high-wattage, magnetic clipper Lightweight and balanced for comfort Clips even the thickest head of hair without bogging down Thumb level adjusts the taper and texture of cut without changing blades This Hair Clipper allows you to cut...
$119.00 $99.95
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Shiny Nail Buffer 36 Piece Sheet
 2-Way Shiny Nail Buffer Sheet - 36 Pieces Perferated buffers for easy tear-off pieces Grit: 1200 / 4000 Green side - grit 1200: for smoothing any scratches and removing final imperfections White side - grit 4000: creates an unbelievable shine in just a...
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Stork Scissor - Gold
Stork Scissor - Gold Straight blade, gold stork scissor. Perfect for cutting silk, linen, fiberglass, eyebrows and moustaches. 3" Long.
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