Disposable Pedicure 4pc Kit - Nail File, Pumice Pad, Buffer & WoodStick
Disposable Pedicure 4pc Kit  Kit Includes: Nail File 150-180 grit Pumice Pad Coarse 80 grit Nail Buffer 150 grit Cuticle WoodStick - 2 Way Point/Slant Available in 2 colors: Yellow or Purple
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  • Yellow
  • Purple
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Satin Edge Ingrown Toenail 2-Way File Curved & Flat
 Ingrown Toenail File 2-sided Curved/Straight 100% stainless steel. Two-sided - one side flat, one side angled Curved end gets in between hard to reach corners. Also used as a cleaner Flat: Files toenail in narrow straight edges. Non-slip grip handle.
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