Footlogix #5 Sweaty Feet Formula 4.2oz

Pedicure Kit

FOOTLOGIX - Sweaty Feet Formula

4.2 Oz / 125ml

Speciality Foot Care Product

Got sweaty feet?

Footlogix 5 Sweaty Feet Formula is formulated with Oak Bark and Sage, astringents proven to reduce foot perspiration. Absorbs immediately without a greasy finish. Fragrance, oil and alcohol free. Not tested on animals. Dermatologist tested.

Ideal for diabetics & sensitive skin

*Formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology. Footlogix's pharmaceutical-grade ingredients penetrate into the layers of the epidermis for truly transformational foot care.

Dermal Infusion Technology is:The delivery system that carries the active ingredients past the Stratum Corneum into the layers of the epidermis,helping to restore the health of the epidermis.The technology which ensures that the active ingredients reach the targeted areas.

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Footlogix #5 Sweaty Feet Formula 4.2oz
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