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Footlogix #2 Foot Care Mousse #2 Daily Maintenance 4.2oz

Foot Cream

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FOOTLOGIX - Foot Care Mousse #2 - 4.2 Oz

4.2 oz / 125 ml

Footlogix Pediceuticals DD Cream Mousse is the ?¢€š¬?double-defense, for the skin of the feet!?¢€š¬?

Gives the skin notably more moisture and resistance and is absorbed into the skin without any greasy residue.

Contains 5% urea for moisturizing normal to dry skin. Footlogix leaves no residue and does not seal the skin, so the skin can breathe and perspire naturally. Footlogix is easily applied and very easily absorbed, so you can wear socks immediately after application.

Foot care mousse with Dermal Integration Techology, a patented system with European roots and North American innovation.

Footlogix has no perfume and is recommended for diabetic foot care.

Footlogix mousse incorporates a groundbreaking technology called Dermal Integration Technology (DIT).

DIT is a patented trans-dermal technology that combines a balance of water and natural lipids in a mousse.

This mousse closely mimics the skin?¢€š¬?s own composition which supplements, rejuvenates, moisturizes and repairs each layer of the epidermis and creates a non-occlusive barrier on the feet that allows the skin to breath. With DIT,

Footlogix penetrates faster and deeper into the skin, leaving no excess or greasy residue.

Footlogix quickly improves the skin?¢€š¬?s overall health, ?¢€š¬?giving you the feet you wish you had?¢€š¬?.

The brilliance behind the Footlogix mousse is the DIT technology, combined with Urea and Co-enzyme Q10, making it the most effective moisturizer for the feet available today. It provides much better coverage on the surface of the feet, has a longer lasting effect and once applied; it will not wash off with water. Footlogix is also fragrance and alcohol free

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Footlogix #2 Foot Care Mousse #2 Daily Maintenance 4.2oz
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