SPMP 3D Silicon Pad - Eyeliner / Lips

SPMT 3D Silicon Pad - Eyeliner/Lips

Semi Tattoo Makeup

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SPMT 3D Silicon Pad - Eyeliner/Lips

  • The practice skin offers you a fake skin that is a better choice for new starter;
  • It is soft and comfortable to help you control the feeling of tattooing;
  • It can be repeatedly tattooed for several times according to your need.
  • No poison and no harm to human body
  • Feel similar with real human skin
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced artists
  • Allow you to improve your skills without practicing on real skin
  • Whether you are or to be a tattoo expert, this tattoo practice skin is indispensable for you
  • This tattoo practice skin makes the work of a tattoo artist easier
  • 100% Brand New