Padico 3D Jewel Shape Molds - Mini Epoxy Resin Molds

Nail Art Mold
Shape :
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Padico Mini 3D Jewel Shape Molds

Create custom nail jewelry with mini jewel shaped molds!

  • Works with acrylic, resin gel, epoxy, and gel polish.
  • Get creative and add foil leaf, glitter, or 3d decals


    1. Pour desired product into mold.
    2. Cure the mold
      1. Cure times will vary in time, due to the thickeness of your application.
        Adjust time accordingly.
    3. To apply onto the nail, use a ball of clear acrylic or resin gel to attach. 
    4. Cure / Dry as usual 

Pro Tip: Cure in layers to create dimensional nail art effects


  • Do not lift resin out of molds when the resin is still hot after curing. That may result of damaged molds.
  • 2-part epoxy resins may be lifted out of mold before curing time.
  • Do not use a microwave.
  • Size: 50mm Length x 10mm Depth x 40mm Height
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: PP
  • Max temperature limit: 70F
  • Lowest temperature limit:20F

          Made in Japan

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