Essie Odd Squad Megatrend Collection 2023

Nail Polish
Color :
Essie Polish #365 - Odd Squad
Essie Polish #775 - Offbeat Chic
Essie Polish #604 - Never Basic
Essie Polish #435 - Not A Phase
Essie Polish #755 - Perfectly Peculiar
Essie Polish #689 - Mismatch To Match

Essie Odd Squad Megatrend Collection 2023

What makes the Essie Odd Squad Collection so special?

Let's face it, there are tons of nail polish collections out there, but the Essie Odd Squad Collection stands out from the crowd. With its unconventional colors and playful names, this collection is all about embracing your individuality and having fun with your nails. Say goodbye to boring, run-of-the-mill shades and hello to a world of nail art possibilities!

What shades are included in the collection?

The Essie Odd Squad Collection features a range of shades that are anything but ordinary. From electric blues and greens to moody mauves & burgundies, this collection is the perfect combination of traditional and non-traditional. Let's take a closer look at the colors!

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