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Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus - Double Wide / White 140tips

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Dashing Diva
Nail Tip Set
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French Wrap

Through patented technology, French Wrap and French Wrap Plus are the first line of products to give natural nails a perfect French manicure (or pedicure) that lasts up to weeks at a time. Simple application. Easy removal. Perfect smile lines, every time. Now all professionals can achieve consistent, non-chipping, long-lasting flawless French color.

French Wrap is easily applied over fingernails and is optimal for toenails. With a slightly squarish shape, and band thickness between French Wrap Plus Thin and Thick bands, no housing applicator makes the French band simple to spread and provides flawless results.

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Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus - Double Wide / White 140tips
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