Cettua - Hot Body Design Patch + Leg Relax Patch

Cettua - Hot Body Design Patch + Leg Relax Patch


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Cettua - Hot Body Design Patch

3 Sheets/Bag

TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) takescare of your body simply and quickly.

Patch for intensive care to get smooth skin of the unwanted bumpy skin on the belly, forearm and thigh area.
Caffeine and Bitter Orange Flower gives a synergy effect when you excise to keep in good physical shape.

Green Tea and Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract softens the skin with Thermal Sensation.
MAIN FUNCTION: Cellulite reduction
MAIN INGREDIENT: Caffeine, Bitter orange Flower extract, L-carnitine, Green tea extract and etc.
FEATURE: Wide size for belly area & normal size for forearm & thigh.
PATENT NO. 10-0896500

Cettua - Leg Relax Patch

2 Sheets/Bag

Must have item to relax and to provide soomthing comfort for the tired legs.

Herbal Oils will revitalize your skin while menthol and camphor will cool and reduce swollen areas.

TYPE : Hydro Gel Patch
MAIN FUNCTION: Cooling and Soothing leg area
MAIN INGREDIENT: Mentol, Herbal oils, Lotus flower extract, Prunus Mume Fruit Extract.