Caviar Bead Dispenser Pen - Red

Caviar Bead Dispenser Pen - Red

MK Beauty Club

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Caviar Bead Dispenser Pen by MK Beauty Club

Contents: 3,500 beads


Enhance your nail designs with the BRION PEN to add sparkle to any nail decoration!

The Brion Pen contains 3,500 high quality beads and dispenses them with a click of a button. The color of these high quality caviar beads do not bleed when exposed to lacquer, acrylic monomer or acetone!

The beads are dispensed by clicking the button that is ergonomically placed by your thumb. The specially designed tip allows users to align the beads quickly and easily.

The Caviar Dispenser Pen provides a precise application; even for the most detailed nail decoration!



Available in six (6) assorted colors: