BioCera Hydrogen Water Mist Silver Ion Water

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Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist Silver Ion Water

The NSF certified Biocera antioxidant hydrogen AO balls and the low electric current TO crystal balls ionize and activate water to increase mineral content and moisturizing ability. 

The Biocera AG ball, made with silver, zeolite, apatite, quartz, and etc., makes a silver solution that has a 99.9% antimicrobial effect. 

The Biocera Hydrogen Water Mist generates mineral-rich, natural antioxidant hydrogen water and the smaller water particles are quickly absorbed, creating a moisture barrier for the dry and worn out skin. Can be used for up to 2~3 years.

Effect of Biocera:

  • When the moisture is contacted with the balls the water is electrolyzed.
  • H20 separated into hydrogen ion(H+) & hydroxide Ion(OH-) it makes water Alkaline.
  • Makes water molecule soft & absorbs energy at high temp.

Silver Foam:

  • -Contains 99.9% pure silver foam
  • -Know for its Antibiotic uses, even Before the penicillin appeared, which has no Side effects.(Natural Antibiotic)
  • -It also helps disinfect your Environment.
  • -Maximized silver surface area upto 6000 times, abundant Silver nano is released & it is changed to good alkali water which very good for skin.
  • -Effective to about 650 viruses
  • -Has the properties of Anti-bacterial/Anti-Viral.


After filling the integer water into an empty container, and then sprayed at a distance. 1. Open the nozzle. 2. To fill the integer water. 3. Close the nozzle. 4. Injection to be used.


1. Please put only always integer water. 2. Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in room temperature or refrigerator. 3. Please do not disassemble the product. 4. This product can be used up to 2~3 years.

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