Ardell Magnetic Naked Liner & Lash #424

Eyelash Extension

Ardell Magnetic  Naked Liner & Lash #424

  • Natural Lash Charm: Are you looking for a more natural lash experience? Don’t hide away the true beauty of your eyes with over-the-top lashes that choke your lash line. Level up your lash game with the sweet and subtle Ardell Magnetic Naked Liner & Lash 424. Fitted with just the right and light volume and length. Blends seamlessly into your lash line with Ardell’s exclusive Invisiband® lash band technology.
  • Real and Rich Texture: Keep everyone guessing with the Ardell Magnetic Naked Liner & Lash 424. These Naked 424 lashes feature layered crisscrossing lash fiber clusters that give you the most lifelike results. Features a saucy upward curl that gives you that extra oomph.
  • Winged-Out Faux Lashes: The Ardell Magnetic Naked Lash 424 features a foxy flared lash silhouette! Shorter in the inner corners and grows lusciously longer into the outer corners. Get gorgeous, sexy cat-eye looks the easy way!
  • It’s All Right Here: Not up for a lash studio session? We got you! The Ardell Magnetic Naked Liner & Lash 424 is your new beautiful lash buddy. Comes with everything you need to get your lashes in tip-top shape no matter where you are. Includes a Naked Lash 424 pair and a FREE bottle of rich black Ardell Magnetic Liquid Liner. Get instant glam lashes when you need them!
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Ardell Magnetic Naked Liner & Lash #424
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