The Best Alternative to Acrylics is Here with Apres Gel-X!


Offered in shades from peach to mauve, Aprés Neutrals mimics the natural color of the nail bed, extending it and creating a simple but flawlessly natural look. Whether worn alone for a simple, effortless look or used as a base for nail art, Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips are sure to make any set of nails look like your nails but better!

Gel-X™ Neutrals Maisie Sculpted Square Long Box of Tips 150pcs – Aprés Nail

One box includes 150pcs of Gel-X tips in 11 sizes, including 00. All of the Aprés Neutral Gel-X tips are carefully molded from a patented soft gel formula and infused with pigmented gel, to provide the most comfortable and lightweight nail enhancements on the market.

Gel-X™ Neutrals Mia Sculpted Square Long Box of Tips 150pcs – Aprés Nail

Unlike acrylic nails, which involves placing extensions solely at the tip, Aprés nails covers the entire nail bed, fostering a safer space for encouraging your nails to grow naturally with far less potential for damage.

Gel-X™ Neutrals Mia Sculpted Square Long Box of Tips 150pcs – Aprés Nail

Aside from the easy removal process (Gel-X nails soak off with acetone), there's no hard drilling, so nail beds are not irrevocably damaged before or after treatment.

Gel-X™ Neutrals Lila Natural Square Extra Short Box of Tips 150pcs – Aprés  Nail

If you have always wondered about an alternative for extensions without the harmful effects on your nail beds, try Apres!

Available now at MK Beauty Club.

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