Wahl Professional Clipper Blade Oil 4oz

Clipper Oil
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Wahl Professional Clipper Blade Oil 4oz | 118.3mL

  • Specially prepared for Wahl electric clippers and trimmers
  • Good for prolonging the life of blades
  • lades edges for extended cutting precision
  • Can reduce the friction and heat often caused by under-lubricated blades
  • Prevents rust from forming on clippers/trimmers, keeping them in top condition for longer
  • Wahl clipper blade oil comes in an easy-to-use 4-oz squeeze bottle
  • Special tip allows for mess-free, precise application just where oil is needed
  • Apply a few drops after every few haircuts to keep your clipper or trimmer in peak condition

Wahl 3310 Clipper and Trimmer Oil, 4-oz Squeeze Bottle

  • Designed specially for Wahl's professional clippers with just the right viscosity to keep blades running fast and smooth.
  • Wahl clipper blade oil helps prolong the life of blades while maintaining their cutting precision. Keeping blades sharper for longer with regular use means less maintenance is required overall.
  • In addition to reducing friction, this hair clipper blade oil prevents rust from forming. Apply just a few drops after every few haircuts, and you can prevent corrosion, friction and wear and tear from slowing you down.
  • Wahl Professional Clipper Blade Oil, 4 oz comes in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle for convenient application, and it can be easily stored in a drawer or medicine cabinet.
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Wahl Professional Clipper Blade Oil 4oz
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