Presto x Apres All-In-One Extend Gel

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Use Presto-X Apres All In One Extend Gel to adhere Gel-X tips to natural nails.
This formula achieves a flawless foundation for manicures. The bond is sealed tight to prevent ripping, tearing or popping off from the natural nail.
A secure seal means your manicure lasts longer than 4 weeks.  


  1. Apply a thin layer of All-in-One Extend Gel onto the entire nail bed after prep.
  2. Cure for 20 seconds. Pick up enough gel to fill about 1/3 of nail bed and place at the bottom of Gel-X nail tip.
  3. Starting from the bottom of the nail to the tip, carefully press Gel-X tip onto nail bed. Use the LED flashlight to cure for 5 seconds.
  4. After a set of 5 fingers is completed, cure the entire hand in the LED light for 20 seconds or 2 min in a UV light

The Extend Gel is a soft-gel; a soak-off formula!

  • Remove gel by soaking off for 15-30 minutes.



  • Unparalleled bonded seal
  • Convenient and practical packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
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Presto x Apres All-In-One Extend Gel
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