OPI Powder Perfection - DPE74 You're Such A Budapest 1.5oz

Dipping Powder
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Dipping Powder 

Dip into durability with dipping powders designed to give you confidence

A new, quick applying, odor-free acrylic alternative that promotes a clean-air environment while offering gel-like shine & weeks of wear without the need to light cure.

The adhesion and ease of application makes OPI Powder Perfection the ideal choice for clients who desire strength, durability, and long-lasting color.

How to Apply

Nail Prep 
Follow OPI Powder Perfection step-by-step application guide to ensure nails are free of debris and oils for maximum wear.
Base Coat
Base coat †’ Color Powder †’ Base coat †’ Clear Powder
Apply 1 coat of base coat then dip into the shade of choice. 
Repeat base coat + color powder application until desired shade is reached. 
Apply 1 coat of Step 1 Base Coat then dip into Clear Color Set.
Activator †’ Shape + File †’ Activator
Apply 1 coat of Step 2 Activator. 
Shape and contour nails, smooth nail surface.
Apply a second coat of Step 2 Activator. 
Allow 1-2 minutes for activator to dry.
Top Coat 
Top Coat x 2 layers
Apply 2 coats of Step 3 Top Coat
Wait 1-2 minutes between applications to let dry.
Use short + quick brush strokes.
OPI Powder Perfection - DPE74 You're Such A Budapest 1.5oz
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