OPI Infinite Shine Terribly Nice Holiday 2023 Collection

Long Lasting Nail Polish
Color :
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ15 - Peppermint Bark and Bite
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ16 - Five Golden Rules
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ17 - Hot Toddy Naughty
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ18 - Let's Scrooge
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ19 - Rebel With A Clause
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ20 - Yay or Neigh
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ21 - Chill 'Em With Kindness
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ22 - Salty Sweet Nothings
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ23 - It's a Wonderful Spice
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ24 - Blame the Mistletoe
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ25 - Shaking My Sugarplums
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ26 - Sickeningly Sweet
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ27 - Hot & Coaled
OPI Infinite Shine #ISL HRQ28 - Put on Something Ice

Terribly Nice Nail Polish Collection:

  • Be unapologetically yourself this holiday season and celebrate the duality of being Naughty and Nice!
  • "None of us are all naughty or all nice, so this season let's have fun being both".
  • Are you on the nice list? Playful, elegant and cheerful saturated brights enhance the feeling of joy and creativity.
  • Maybe you're on the naughty list? Bold, sexy and sassy brass and gold shades that are perfect for the Holiday season.
  • A collection combining glitters, shimmers, metallics and cremes, a colour palette to express your true self this festive season!
  • You can be naughty and nice this holiday season with the OPI Terribly Nice Holiday Collection!

Meet OPI!

OPI is the World Leader in the nail care industry. You can find OPI products in any nail salon worldwide, from their nail polishes to their gel colours. OPI products are adored by so many nail technicians across the globe because of their high-quality and professional finishes. With OPI products, you can trust your nails will look amazing each and every time.

What is OPI Infinite Shine, really?

OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes offer you one of the longest-wearing nail polish formulas. Their glossy shine mirrors the gloss of a gel manicure with no LED or UV gel lamp needed. With the OPI Infinite Shine nail polish formula, regardless of your day-to-day life, your nails will look amazing no matter what! You can also trust OPI Infinite Shine to offer you the most on-trend nail polish colours! OPI is always analysing the market and the fashion industry to create the nail colours you need for the best nails. Their seasonal collections are simply the best in the Nail Industry!

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