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Give your nails a professional, clean and smooth appearance with this OPI Nail File. It's made of hardened glass with an everlasting abrasive surface that remains permanently etched into it. Unlike a disposable nail file, this tool is sanitizable and reusable. It features a fine grit that smooths and polishes the edges and rough spots for a soft feel. With regular use, it also prevents your nails from chipping and peeling so they grow stronger. The package includes a clear plastic tube with a cap for safe storage and easy transport, as needed.OPI-Crystal Nail File, 5.5":

  • Hardened glass features an everlasting abrasive surface that is permanently etched into the glass
  • Prevents nail chipping and peeling
  • Long-lasting
  • Sanitizable, reusable and travel-friendly
  • Fine grit
  • Easy to use crystal glass nail file
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes a clear plastic tube with cap
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OPI Crystal Nail File
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