Nail Harmony Gelish Fantastic Four Essentials Collection Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Kit

Nail Harmony
Gel Polish Kit
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With everything you need to create the perfect salon gel manicure, this Fantastic Four Pack includes a pH Bond to effectively dehydrate the natural nail and remove any dirt or oil to create an ideal base. Foundation a soak-off base gel that sets the stage for a long-lasting gel manicure by creating a strong adhesive bond between gel products and the natural nail. Top It Off a soak-off sealer gel that locks in a longer-lasting gel manicure preventing chipping, peeling and dulling and Nourish a cuticle oil to rehydrate and restore essential oils to the skin surrounding the nail.


  • Foundation soak-off base gel creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products with out damaging the nail plate. Works as a base for Gelish Structure or Gelish Soak-Off gel polish. Cures: 5 seconds in LED 18G Light; 10 seconds in LED Light; 1 minute in UV Light.
  • Top It Off soak-off sealer gel seals your Gelish Soak-Off gel polish to a high shine finish that will not dull, chip or peel. Removes with Soak-Off Gel Remover. Cures: 30 seconds in LED Light; 2 minutes in UV Light.
  • pH Bond nai prep is used on natural nails to balance the pH and remove any surface oils.
  • Nourish cuticle oil rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail with a unique blend of Grapeseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sesame & Vitamin E.

Additional Details

Item Name: Harmony Gelish - Fantastic Four
Manufactuer: Harmony
Type: Cleansers & Removers
UPC: 818125022858
SKU: HGM-1121787
Weight: 424 grams - (0.93 lb)
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Nail Harmony Gelish Fantastic Four Essentials Collection Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Kit
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