Footlogix - Professional Foot Soak - 128 oz

Footlogix - Professional Foot Soak - 128 oz


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FOOTLOGIX - Professional Foot Soak - 128oz

128 Oz / 3.78L


A pH balanced, gentle and re-hydrating cleansing foot soak with anti-microbial properties, blended in a fresh-scent formula that moisturizes skin and softens calluses.

Transform your feet from dry and cracked to softly sensational with this foot soak from Footlogix. Created to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin, Footlogix products are also designed not to leave excess or greasy residue. It mimics the skin's own composition in order to supplement, moisturize and repair each layer of skin. Footlogix is used by millions in over 20 countries to provide healing solutions and give you the feet you wish you had.