EZ Flow Q-Monomer Liquid - 15.2oz

Ez Flow
Acrylic Liquid

EZ Flow Q Monomer Liquid - 15.2 oz

LIQUID ASSETS begin with Q MONOMER. With this innovative formula, we?‚¬?ve eliminated the two greatest threats to the successful nail enhancement?‚¬?discoloration and chipping or breakage.

Includes Color Stabilizers to prevent yellowing and Platicizers to protect nails from breakage.

Omits 40% less odor for a safe salon environment.

THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS will be yours when you introduce Q Monomer Liquid to your menu. For one thing, there?‚¬?s 40% less odor. And, it?‚¬?s easier to apply than any similar product on the market. This means less waste, and allows you to see more clients.


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EZ Flow Q-Monomer Liquid - 15.2oz
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