Wella Color Charm Paints Hair Color Teal 2oz

Hair Color

Wella Color Charm Paints Hair Color Teal 2oz   

Lasts up to 20 washes depending on used shade and initial color intensity.

Use multiple colors side by side even without foils.

Mix shades together to design your own shade.

Control shade intensity by adding Clear.

Fades beautifully on tone.

Here's how it works:

Saturates: Color coupler molecules combine with color activator to form a gel. You can put it exactly where you want and it will stay there, saturating every strand of hair as you apply.
Penetrates: The gel penetrates the hair shaft to deliver vibrant color molecules.
Fuses: The color fuses deep within the cortex of the hair to make it exceptionally fade resistant.
Results: Beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting hair color and excellent gray coverage.

Consistent, vibrant and fade resistant results

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Wella Color Charm Paints Hair Color Teal 2oz
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