CND Offly Fast Nourishing Remover 7.5oz

CND Offly Fast Nourishing Remover 7.5oz


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CND Shellac Essentials Offly Fast Nourish Moisturizing Gel Remover 221mL 7.5oz

Professional nail product remover for gel polish, nail polish, and acrylics.

Prevents drying out your cuticles and fingers during soak off removal. Protects against the cold evaporating acetone while the oil formulation makes your fingers soft and hydrated.


Macadamia Nut Oil: Deeply penetrating natural oil for excellent moisturizing and conditioning. Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): Known to be an antioxidant.

English Cucumber Fragrance: Pleasant fragrance elevates the service experience.

How to Use:

Soak a lint-free pad cotton pad and with Offly Fast. Use Gel Remover clips or foil remover wraps and secure the saturated pad against the nail.

Use firm pressure, in a circular motion until the product is removed.

Re-saturate and repeat if necessary.

Acrylic: 20-30 minutes | Gel Polish 5-15 minutes | Nail Polish: No wait time