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Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave Lotion 6oz


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Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave Lotion 6oz

Intoxicating and commanding, our Cognac Neat After Shave scent combines sweet tobacco and bright twist of lemon zest followed by scents of musk, patchouli, and sandalwood blossom accents. Comforting post-shave soothes and exhilarates the skin as it helps heal nicks.

• 6 fl oz 

• liquid finish 

Want to have the Shaving Regimen you deserve? Make sure to prepare your skin with Clubman Shave Oil to help provide protection for your skin from nicks and cuts. No matter which beard style you have make sure you put shave lather on with a shave brush that helps your razor glide over your skin. To finish off your shave make sure you leave your skin refreshed & soothed with one of our best selling after shave products

MUST-HAVE AFTERSHAVE LOTION FOR MEN: Surround yourself with a richness and warmth never before blended as an aftershave. This unique formulation from Clubman Reserve will bring them right back into the fold with a soothing aftershave lotion that goes on easily as it tones and cools the skin while preventing post-shave irritation. Suitable for the most sensitive skin after a clean shave, Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave is all a man needs to look and feel his best!

KEEP YOUR MACHO CONFIDENCE, WARM AND RICH AROMA: Surround yourself with a richness and warmth never before blended as an aftershave! Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave features a scent that combines sweet tobacco and a bright twist of lemon zest followed by traces of musk and sandalwood accents to give off an aroma far superior to a neat glass of cognac. Apply this to your face or body after a shave or after a shower and keep that rich woodsy scent and feel fit for a king emanating all day!

REFRESHING AFTER-BATH BODY SPLASH: Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave helps cool and invigorate skin, making it perfect for all-over body splashing and freshening after showering. It leaves a gentle burn when first splashed on the skin which mellows into a powdery finish that lasts you all day long. A sure-fire confidence booster for any suave and charismatic gent, splash it on freely after stepping out of the bath and be prepared to draw in compliments for the rest of the day!

HANDY, CONVENIENTLY SIZED: Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave is everything you need to enrich your scent and your lifestyle should you wear it right! It can be used as an aftershave to calm skin, or a cooling splash after a bath, or right before an evening out. It comes in a 6-oz bottle, and since it doesn't take much of this product to both invigorate your skin and give yourself a manly, delightful fragrance, you'll find it to last a long time without hurting your pocket!


  1. Apply small amount to palms of hands.
  2. Rub hands together and apply to face and neck.
  3. Can also be used as a body splash.

Improve your shave experience with the shaving routine below:

The first step before you shave, is to prepare your skin so that you experience a close and comfortable shave with Clubman's Shave Oil.

The second step is to lather up, using a moisture rich Clubman Shaving Soap or Clubman Shave Lather to lubricate the skin and improve your shaving routine.

The third step is to shave using our classic Safety Razor - Nickel-Plated for a smooth, close shave without irritation.

The fourth step is to moisturize using one of our after shave products for smooth & refreshed skin. For nick relief use a styptic pencil.


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Clubman Reserve Cognac Neat After Shave Lotion 6oz
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