Cettua - Hydrating Facial Mask - 3 Sheets

Face Mask

Cettua - Hydrating Facial Mask

3 sheets

3 Mineral water complex helps to form a water barrier which enhances the moisture levels in the skin.

It also prevent dryness on sensitive skin.

Intensive moisturizing delivers hydration and glow to the skin.

High-moisturizing essence enhances and hydrate dried split skin.

Thick and soft sheet mask is made from 100% cotton.
Clinical Tested.
Dermatologist Tested.
TYPE: Pre-moistened Sheet Mask
LIQUID FILLING: 20g / sachet
NON-WOVEN: 100% Cotton
MAIN FUNCTION: Moisturizing, Hydrating
MAIN INGREDIENT: 3 Mineral Water complex
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Cettua - Hydrating Facial Mask - 3 Sheets
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