Apres Artiste ArtInk Set No. 6 - Neon Watercolor Marbeling Nail Art

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Artisté Artink Set No. 6 - Neon Colors

This set includes 6 watercolor inks to create stunning outstanding color effects on the nail. Each color is rich and vibrant with a buttery smooth application. Use the blending fluid to erase or define your design exactly the way you want. The control is completely up to you. Artink can only work on matte surfaces so be sure to apply the correct base coat before using Artiste Artink colors. Seal your beautiful design with Apres’ Top Gel Coat to lock in the artistry and finish with that classy glossy shine. Each order includes six colors and a 120mL bottle of blending fluid. Artiste Artink Set No. 6 Includes: Neon Green Neon Yellow Neon Orange Neon Peach Neon Pink Neon Purple 120mL bottle of blending fluid  Please note that these colors do NOT glow in the dark
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