Apres Color Extend Gel Polish Colors - Jar
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Apres Color Extend Gel Polish Colors - Jar
Apres Color Extend Gel Polish Colors Bold, sweet, wild, serious, elegant and fun! That’s our girls—Carla, Yesica, Roxie, Insatiable, Sasha, and Ariel.  The NEW Color Extend gel collection includes a perfect shade for any skin tone and any attitude.  Can...
from $22.99
  • Ariel
  • Carla
  • Insatiable
  • Roxie
  • + 3
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Vetro Gel Pods - Extension Clear II
Vetro Extension Clear is easy to pinch and create beautiful form like acrylics. Extend 1cm of excellent strength, that does not loses it's curve, in a short amount of time. Extension Clear can also be used as a top coat....
from $19.00
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Apres Nail Gel-X Nail Extension Kit V3 New Generation
Apres Nail New Generation - Version 3 - Gel-X Nail Extension Kit New release of Version 3, now with the X-Lite BACK IN STOCK Sculpting Gel starter kit for all Apres nail extensions. Bundle the best-sellers together and save. This...
$137.00 $100.00
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Nail Harmony Polygel Sculpting Gel
Nail Extension Sculpting Gel Polygel 
  • Bright White
  • Light Pink
  • Cover Pink
  • Soft White
  • + 2
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OPI Clarite Odor-Free Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear
 Odorless & Tack-Free Acrylic System Crystal Clear Powder  Clarite is the spa choice for exceptional performance in an odor-free acrylic formula! Ultra fine, non-yellowing Clarite powders self-level for luminous color with minimal filing.  
from $7.50
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OPI Clarite Education Trial 4pc Kit
Get perfect acrylics with this odor and tack free system acrylic trial kit. With new Clarite curing resin for tack-free curing. An anti-yellowing system keeps acrylic nail colours clear. Exceptional working properties achieve maximum control and minimal filing. Also includes...
$18.00 $8.50
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OPI Clarite Curing Resin 0.25oz
Eliminates surface residueBrush on acrylic nail surfaces after sculpting, prior to filing and contouring nails.Saves timeNo more odor-free acrylic residue roll-off!Files just like traditional acrylics.Fast applicationEasy-to-use brush-on formula.
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CND Acrylic Liquid & Powder Retention+ Starter Pack
CND Acrylic Liquid & Powder Kit - Retention+ Starter Pack An essential collection of award-winning CND products featuring Retention+ Sculpting Liquid for beautiful, lift-free nail enhancements. Creates up to 20 full sets of enhancements. Provides all essential products needed to...
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