Tropical Shine White Lightening - Coarse/Medium Square
Tropical Shine White Lightening File - Coarse/Medium 100/180 Description Coarse 100 grit and medium 180 grit. One end of the file is square. Actual Item Size: 7 1/2" x 3/4" Tips Coarse For heavy sanding on acrylic nails. Not to...
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Tropical Shine 4-Way Nail Buffer Shiner
Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Buffer 4 surfaces for filing and buffing nails Produces high gloss and shine One surface is a nail file Each surface is numbered 1,2,3,4. Follow the steps to buff the nail to a high gloss shine...
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Tropical Shine 2-Way Foot File Large 100 Grit Medium
Tropical Shine 2-Way Foot File - Large 100 Grit Medium Coarse Washable and disinfectable foot file. Large black foot file is perfect for smoothing rough skin and removing calluses from feet. No sharp edges and has cushioned abrasives to eliminate...
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