Elite Hot Towel Cabinet - Mini
Elite Hot Towel Cabinet - Mini Description This mini single hot-towel-cabinet keeps towels warm all day long and can hold a maximum of 12 small, facial-sized towels. Maintains consistent temp of 150-160 degrees. Comes with water-drip pan and interior towel...
Hot Towel Cabinet Warmer Plus 48 Towels
Hot Towel Cabinet Warmer Plus - 48 Towels Holds 48 facial-sized (small, wash cloth) towels Contains an internal temperature control so the unit does not over-heat Insulated cabinet w/ padded heating element surrounds all internal walls for consistent heating This...
Towel Warmer Cabinet Elite Medium - Holds 24 towels
Hot Towel Warmer - Elite Cabinet Plus Holds 24 towels 20" x 16.6" x 14.1" 17 pounds * Contact for shipping *
Portable Towel Warmer with 6 Towels
Towel Steamer Set with 6 Towels Portable and lightweight towel steamer is ideal for salons, spas, and barbers. Great for facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and hot shaves. Features a stainless steel base, power indicator light, a 60 minute timer, 15...
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