Silk Touch Dispense a Wrap System
Silk Touch Dispense a Wrap System These self-stick nail wraps are easy to use. Simply pull at each end to get desired length and cut! The liner and wrap automatically separate. No waste, no mess.
EZ Flow Silk Wrap Sheer Glass 1 yard
  EZ Flow Sheer Glass Silk Wrap 1 yard Sheer Glass is a medium woven glass for maximum clarity and reinforced strength. This high quality material will produce superior clarity in your system. Used for traditional nail silk wraps  
EZ Flow Sheer Silk 1 yard - Silk Wrap Strips
  EZ Flow Silk Wrap - Sheer Silk 1 yard Sheer Silk is the finest woven silk. High quaility material for superior clarity and just as strong as fiberglass. Used for traditional wraps, gives you a sheer finish.
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