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Barbicide Disinfectant Glass Jars
Disinfectant Container Glass Jar with strainer Great for grooming tools including shears, combs and brushes Nail cutters Tweezers and hair pullers Tall Jar - Capacity 37 Fl. Oz. (1.09 L) Base 4 1/4 diameter, Height 11" 1/2  Midsize Jar - Capacity...
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Face Shield Protective Mask on Glasses - Comfortable Fit
Removable Face Guard Shield on Comfortable Glasses Flexible, but durable Long, curved arms ensure a secure hold Long nose bridge prevents face shield from slipping Detachable - washable Anti-Fog BONUS: Surprisingly Comfortable Fit
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Sterilizing Pouch for Disinfected Tools 200 Pieces
Easy Seal Sterilizing Pouch for Disinfected Tools Disinfected Clean Storage Pouch for service tools Transparent "Easy Seal" Sterilization Pouch for disinfected and sterile tools.  In accordance with State Board for Autoclave sterilization pouches 3.5" x 9" 200 pouches per box
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Prestige Classic Autoclave 2100
Prestige Medical Autoclave 2100 Sterilize your tools in 28 minutes! Light, compact, portable and robust, top loading autoclave.  Professional grade autoclave suitable for General Medical, Dental, Tattooing, Body Piercing, Nail Salon and Veterinary applications A one step operation starts the automatic cycleLight sequence...
$1,100.00 $900.00
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