OPI Nail File Edge - 180/400 Grit
OPI Edge Nail File - 180/400 Grit Ensures clean, straight edges and effortlessly remove all product residue.
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OPI Professional Nail File + Buffer Sample Pack 6pcs
Professional board and buffer file collection for taking enhancements from unrefined to briliiant shine! Contains 6 Files: Edge 150 Edge 180 Edge 240 Flex 100/180 Flex 220/280 Flex Shiner
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OPI Buffer Flex Silver - 100/180 Pack 16pcs
OPI Flex Silver Buffer - 100/180 Grit 16pcs Double-sided, versatile 100/180 buffer refines enhancements to a smooth finish, ready for high-shine buffing or liquid finishes options. Removes scratches. Prepares enhancements for lacquer, resin, and gel top coats Medium/Coarse 100/180 grits Ideal...
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