Color Club Gel - Simple Soak Gel Remover
Color Club Gel Simple Soak is the first non-acetone removal formulation, perfect for sensitive nails. The fresh citrus scent perks up your senses with a quick soak time (5-8 minutes) to get the job done in hurry!
Color Club Gel - Matte-ified Gel Top Coat
Color Club Matte-ified Gel Top Coat protects gel color with a chic matte finish.
Color Club Gel - Seal + Shine Top Coat
Color Club Seal + Shine Top Coat protects gel color with an ultra-plush, high-gloss finish.
Color Club Gel - Foundation + Primer
Color Club Foundation + Primer is perfect for sensitive, natural nails. it creates an extra barrier between the nail surface and color
Color Club Gel - Cleanse + Prep
Color Club Cleanse + Prep is used in the preparation of natural nails before Color Club Gel application. The number one reason for decreased gel wear time is due to improper nail prep. It is essential to apply Color Club...
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