Clean & Easy Original Wax Microwave Kit

Clean & Easy
Microwave Wax


Clean + Easy Original Microwave Kit for Face and Body is a complete wax kit comes complete with everything needed to do a full waxing session at home.
Easy to use microwaveable formula allows you to maintain hair free skin in between your salon visits. - Microwavable wax is perfect for use on legs, arms, back and face
All purpose wax ideal for all skin types
Complete at home waxing kit
Kit includes:
Original Microwave Wax 8 oz, Cleanse 2 fl oz, Remove 2 fl oz, Soothe fl oz, Restore 2 fl oz, 3 - Petite Spatulas, 3 ‚¬€œ Small Spatulas, 4 ‚¬€œ Large Spatulas, 10 ‚¬€œ Small Waxing Strips, 10 ‚¬€œ Large Waxing Strips.


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Clean & Easy Original Wax Microwave Kit
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