IBD - Just Gel Polish - Paint Riot - Calligraffiti Collection

Gel Polish Discontinued
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IBD - Just Gel Polish

0.5oz/14 ml

IBD Calligraffiti Collection is a fun, funky line of gel polish, inspired by a mix of classic calligraphy art with 21 st century avant garde graffiti.

While other gel nail products are damaging to natural nail beds, IBD Gel Polish protects the natural nail with stronger, lasting wear.

100 percent pure gel formula that wears like a classic gel but applies like a nail polish.

Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color.

It also protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear.

There's no chipping, cracking, peeling or smudging.

Get the must-have 21-day manicure!

Cures quickly under either LED or UV light.

Remove Just Gel polish easily in just 10 minutes with no muss, no fuss.


Just Gel Polish Calligraffiti Collection

56770 The Great Wall
56771 Jade Dynasty
56772 Pan-duh
56773 Peach Blossom
56774 Sanskrit
56775 Dragon Fruit
56776 St. Avant Garde
56785 Paint Riot
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IBD - Just Gel Polish - Paint Riot - Calligraffiti Collection
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