Clubman After Shave Cologne, Special Reserve 6 oz



Clubman  After Shave Cologne, Special Reserve  6 oz

After Shave Cologne with a unique blend of ingredients to cool and soothe tender skin.

First prepare  your skin for a close shave with Clubman Shave Oil to soften your skin. Then make sure to apply Clubman Shave Cream for a smooth glide with your classic safety razor

RICH AND CLASSIC MASCULINE AFTER SHAVE COLOGNE: For the men who really want to smell manly, here’s Clubman Special Reserve Cologne that’s a fragrance which will surely get you noticed! It has a rich, bold and timeless scent, having some notes of wood, musk and other traditional citrus fragrances helping you give off a very suave and masculine aura. It doesn’t get more classic than this, folks! After all, who can argue with a cologne that’s been helping guys score since the 18th century?

EXHILARATING AFTER BATH FRESHENER: Special Reserve Cologne from Clubman helps cool and invigorate skin, making it perfect for all-over body splashing and freshening after showering. It leaves a gentle burn when first splashed on the skin which mellows into a powdery finish that lasts you all day long. A definite mood booster for any man, splash it on freely after stepping out of the bath and make sure to keep an eye out for the ladies who’ll be swooning over you for the rest of the day!

COOLS, TONES AND SOOTHES SHAVED SKIN: If you’re on the quest to finding the perfect aftershave cologne, look no more! Clubman Special Reserve After Shave has a unique blend of ingredients that helps tone the skin, soothe it, and prevent irritation from shaving. Suitable for the most sensitive skin right after a shave, this antiseptic post-shave treatment works marvelously offering a cooling tingle while conditioning pores and treating post-shaving blues like razor nicks, cuts, burns, and itch.

CONVENIENT SIZE, VALUE FOR MONEY: Clubman Special Reserve Cologne is everything you need to keep your skin invigorated, leaving you always ready to take on the day. Great to use after a shave to calm skin, right after showering to stay cool, or right before heading out for the night. It comes in a 6-oz bottle, and since it doesn't take much of this product to both tones and refresh your skin or to just give yourself a clean scent, you'll find it to last a long time without hurting your pocket!

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Clubman After Shave Cologne, Special Reserve 6 oz
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