SPMP J-cain Premium Gel

SPMT J-cain Premium Gel

Semi Tattoo Makeup

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SPMP J-cain Premium Gel

  • Maximum concentration of lidocaine 9.6%

  • Recommended application time 30 minutes to 1 hr for maximum effect

  • Clear, non-oily gel does not dry out upon application like other products

About the Product:

Main Ingredients: Contains 96 mg of lidocaine in the inclusion amount per gram of raw material Drugs +1.5 mg Naphthylacetic acid

Valid for three years
Anesthetic effect: generally can be maintained for 1-2 hours
This product has successfully overcome the other narcotics can not penetrate the integrity of the skin problems, strong penetration of the skin to play anesthesia, analgesic effect. A wide range of clinical applications of hundreds of millions of people worldwide proved to be a highly safe and effective skin surface anesthetic.
Application of topical anesthetic cream:
1. Superficial skin (within 5mm) before various surgery
2. Medical beauty (beauty injection, laser, etc.)
3. Needle puncture (microneedle, tattoo, tattoo, lips and other skin operations)


330 Grams


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