OPI Pedicure Massage - Papaya 8.5oz


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OPI Manicure/Pedicure - Papaya Pineapple Scrub

Filled with the extracts of juicy papaya, atioxidant pineapple, and nature's most soothing and effective botanicals.

With a clean, slightly sweet, slightly crisp aroma, papaya pineapple turns any manicure or pedicure into an indulgent

spa experience.

Formulated with natural sugar crystals to reduce calluses and banish dry, rough skin, plus papaya extract to help

exfoliate and rejuvenate, and antioxidant pineapple to help soothe.

Available Sizes:

4.2oz / 125mL

8.5oz / 250mL

25.4oz / 750mL

1 gallon / 3.78mL