OPI Manicure/Pedicure - Papaya Pineapple Massage 8.5oz


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OPI Manicure/Pedicure - Papaya Pineapple Massage

Filled with the extracts of juicy papaya, atioxidant pineapple, and nature's most soothing and effective botanicals.

With a clean, slightly sweet, slightly crisp aroma, papaya pineapple turns any manicure or pedicure into an indulgent

spa experience.

Moisturizing skin massage lotion with papaya & Pineapple extracts. A blend of botanical extracts, exfoliating and

rejuvenating papaya extract, soothing antioxidant pineapple extract, and antioxidant vitamins and emollients.

Provides the ideal slip for a non-greasy spa massage plus light moisture.

Available Sizes:

4.2oz / 125mL

8.5oz / 250mL

16oz / 473mL