LASH CLUB  -  J+C Curl / 0.15x11mm

LASH CLUB - J+C Curl / 0.15x11mm

Lash Club

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Lash Club

Premium Silk Eyelash - for professional eyelash extensions

Lash Club eyelashes are long-lasting, professional eyelash extension.
Create dramatic glamorous eyelashes or beautifully naturally extensions with our Lash Club eyelash extension.

Lash Club eyelashes are created with the highest quality synthetic silk to ensure the softness of real hair, but to be firm enough to hold its curl.
This specific formulation of processes in creating Lash Club was created by seasoned veterans of eyelashes extension educators and practitioners.
The quality will not disappoint you or your clients.


Each tray holds 12 rows of silk eyelash extensions.

Types of curls: J Curl, C Curl and J+C Curl.

Available Thickeness: .10, .15 and .20

Available Lengths: 9mm ?€? 13mm