Ez Flow Gel It Kit

Ez Flow Gel It Kit

Ez Flow

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Ez Flow Gel It Kit

Now your business is really beginning to gel! Here?€?s everything you need to create 55 full sets of the most durable, flattering gel It gel nails your clients have ever worn. If you?€?re just introducing gels as a menu item, use this complete, easy-to-use kit to get started.


.5 oz. french it

.5 oz. white it

.5 oz. clear it

.5 oz. blush it

.5 oz. pink it

.5 oz. edge it

.5 oz. cover it

.5 oz. finish it

.5 oz. Ez Bond

.5 oz. EZ Primer

2 oz. cleanse it

5gr Brush On resin

20pk Perfection Tips

20pk Classic French Tips

20pk Leisure Tips

20pk Clear nail forms

60ct Nail wipes