CurX Hand Sanitizer Spray - Approved Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial

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CurX is a next generation solution in sanitizer product that is based on science!

It uses an FDA approved, healthcare grade sanitizer that is safe and proven effective. Not to mention, it€™s also better for your skin!

Don€™t let your customers be fooled by scented alcohol in a flowery bottle that doesn€™t kill the broad spectrum of germs€¦use a sanitizer that truly works = CurX

  • Kills Germs Standard Alcohol Based Sanitzers Can't
  • Over 99% Of Spores, Bacteria, Fungi, And Yeasts
  • Safe For Frequent Use
  • Non-Drying, Won'T Cause Cracks Or Fissures In Skin
  • Safe For Use On Minor Wounds And Abrasions

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CurX Hand Sanitizer Spray - Approved Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial
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