Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Cairo Set

Apres Nail
Gel Polish Set

Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Cairo Set

Walk through the Valley of the Kings with our Cairo ombre series!

The French Manicure Series comes with the signature slanted bristles called Brush-X.�� This Angled brushed is flat, dense and has the perfect slanted slope.��
Whether you want to create a french smile line or a full color application, this brush is��truly versatile.

The French Ombre series of five different shades allows you to create the perfect ombre French.

  • Each of our colors have been formulated from a richly pigmented, medium viscosity gel that offers flawless opacity in just two coats or less.
  • Every bottle also comes with our revolutionary in-bottle Angled Brush-X, which means the perfect tool is included with the perfect gel to easily draw the perfect smile line.

Combinations and possibilities are limitless! This is French nails like you���ve never seen before.

With this collection of cool n tomb, or obelisk will feel too far away.

��Colors in Cairo Collection Set:

  • Osiris (101)
  • Deep De-Nile (102)
  • Pyramid Scheme (103)
  • Pharaohomones (104)
  • Mummy Dearest (105)
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Apres French Manicure Ombre Series - Cairo Set
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