Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer 3.5oz

Lucky Tiger

Start with all natural ingredients, throw out the alcohol and you have a moisturizer designed to soften theroughest of faces. Our unique formula is athirst quencher that willhydrate,nourish andleave your face lookingyounger. Oh yeah, thesupreme moisturizer also reduces fine lines and wrinkles ('cept the ones that are hard earned and...

Your face never had it so good

you're a Lucky Tiger man. You know how to get stuff done. And you know there's an easy way, a cheap way, a made-up, seat-of-the-pants way€¦..and a better way. When it comes to taking care of your face the single most visible and impression-making part of your appearance we have the better...

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Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer 3.5oz
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