UPDATED: March 27, 2020

Unfortunately, I feel it is important with the latest news and developments, that I publish my position directly as President of King Research, the makers of BARBICIDE®.

There continues to be a constant flow of information. Some of it is good information to trust and follow, some of it is bad information that leads to things like a shortage of toilet paper. Some of it is confusing or too technical to be helpful, like the information being sent out by the EPA.

Finally, and most disturbing in the Professional Beauty Industry, some of it is intentionally incorrect, knowingly misrepresented or presented as a scare tactic to increase profits. Rest assured, as the industry leaders in infection control, I promise you, we provide information you can trust and follow.

To that point, despite what others are saying, BARBICIDE® kills the Human Coronavirus. Third-party independent labs have completed the test and these lab reports can be seen here.   

We have received documentation from the EPA that BARBICIDE® is approved for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19. While no company has been able to receive actual COVID-19 samples and put them through the rigorous testing required, the EPA considers efficacy against Human Coronavirus to include COVID-19.

See EPA approval document here

To once again re-iterate how you should be addressing this individually to protect your family, yourself and your business, take note of the following:

  • Practice proper infection control. Cleaning & disinfection, as directed by the boards of every state. These rules require proper disinfection of every non-porous implement prior to use. In addition, consideration of disinfection of common use surfaces such as back bars, reception areas, computers and phones should be considered.
  • Remember contact time. The most important step of the disinfection process is to allow the chemical time to work! Read all disinfectant labels to know the correct time frame. For BARBICIDE® concentrate, that contact time is 10 minutes and for BARBICIDE® Wipes the contact time is 2 minutes.
  • Hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior to every client, after eating, smoking or using the restroom. Where allowed by state law/rules, hand sanitizer is acceptable, except after eating, smoking or using the restroom.
  • Keep your hands to yourself! Handshaking needs to be replaced with other methods of introduction. While handshaking is seen as a polite gesture, during cold and flu season it is a superhighway for viruses to move quickly in groups.
  • Finally, keep your immune system healthy so it is prepared if you are exposed to anything! Get plenty of sleep, water, good nutrition and most of all, stop smoking!
  • Best Regards,

Alan R. Murphy


BlueCo Brands


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