CND Acrylic Liquid & Powder Retention+ Starter Pack

Acrylic Nails Kit

CND Acrylic Liquid & Powder Kit - Retention+ Starter Pack

An essential collection of award-winning CND products featuring Retention+ Sculpting Liquid for beautiful, lift-free nail enhancements.

Creates up to 20 full sets of enhancements.

Provides all essential products needed to start offering Retention+ enhancements in the salon.


  1. Reference Guide
  2. Retention Sculpting Liquid 118 mL (4 fl oz)
  3. Velocity Tips Natural 20 pk
  4. ScrubFresh 59 mL (2 fl oz)
  5. SolarOil 7.3 mL (.25 fl oz)
  6. Retention Sculpting Powders
    • Intense Pink-Sheer 22 g (.8 oz)
    • Bright White Opaque 22 g (.8 oz)

Retention Sculpting Powders

  • New technology coats each powder particle with sculpting liquid eliminating microscopic air bubbles creating superior brightness.
  • Creates color-stable, strong, durable enhancements with superior clarity and brightness and a scratchresistant ultra-smooth finish.


  • Cleans and dehydrates the nail plate, to improve adhesion, reduce lifting and extend the life of the service.

Retenion Sculpting Liquid

  • This monomer has twice been determined to be “safe as used by Nail Professionals” according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review expert panel (CIR)
  • Use on clients with enhancements that are prone to lifting.
  • Excellent adhesion makes primer use optional.

Velocity Tips Natural 20 pk

  • Fast-blending
  • Most dramatic curve
  • Deep “C” curve
  • Micro contact area
  • Dramatic shape
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CND Acrylic Liquid & Powder Retention+ Starter Pack
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