Reusable Nail Forms
Plastic Reusable Nail Forms 5 pieces
EZ Flow Perfect C-Curve Forms - Oval 500ct
EZ Flow Perfect C-Curve Forms - Oval For the long, narrow nail plate with an overgrowth of hyponychium.
CND Performance Forms - Silver 300 Labels
CND - Performance Forms Provide a perfect, custom fit for sculpting nails with strategically placed tabs and perforations.
EZ Flow Perfect C-Curve Forms - Universal
EZ Flow Perfect C-Curve Forms - Universal For the majority of your clients, fits most natural nail bed shapes.
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OPI Free Forms Extension Nail Forms
OPI FreeForms 360 Fit Nail Forms Disposable, adhesive nail forms for professional-use.360 superior-fit design. Perfect fit Provides ultimate stability and sculpting control. Perforated Ensures consistent C-curves. Customizable Finger-lock tabs provide a secure fit, even on small fingers and difficult-to-fit clients.
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CND Performance Forms - Gel Sculpting Forms Clear 300 Labels
CND - Performance Forms High-performance sculpting forms for gel enhancements. Allow UV light to penetrate through the form, ensuring thorough cure. Forms are used to create natural-looking gel enhancements with a deep "C" curve and no seepage. The forms can...
Nail Harmony - Perfetto Nail Forms - 100ct
Nail Harmony Essentials Nail Forms White 100 CtPerfetto Nail Forms are designed to fit all nail types. Sure to hold in place and provide the perfect fit for beautiful nails. They provide consistent c-curves and have imprinted guidelines for consistent...
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