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CND CoolBlue Hand Sanitizer 8oz
Follow proper sanitary practices with legitimate sanitizers. Cleanses skin and helps prevent transmission of germs. A refreshing, waterless hand sanitizer that leaves skin soft and smooth. Dries quickly, leaving skin feeling fresh, not sticky. FEATURED INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS Alcohol (Ethyl):...
DIY Hand Sanitizer kit
Create your own Hand Sanitizer with ingredients you know! Keep it simple, the aloe vera is only added to protect the skin, so maximize the alcohol to the desired consistency.  Recommended ratio:  1/3 cup Aloe Vera &  2/3 cup Alcohol...
OPI Swiss Hand Guard Antiseptic Handwash Antibacterial Gel
OPI Swiss Hand Guard Antibacterial Antiseptic Handwash Gel This convenient, go-anywhere skin antiseptic is highly effective, yet non-drying – kills germs and bacteria on contact. Use after washing hands, and during nail prep to prevent the spread of germs. Requires...
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