DL Pro - Nail Stone
DL Pro - Nail Stone 4" nail stone with a pointed end and a square end. Shapes nails and gently pushes back and removes cuticles without damaging nails.
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Cuticle Pusher - Cutting Blade & Point
 Cuticle pusher Blade & Point High quality stainless steel cuticle Blade & Point for cutting or pointing your cuticles.
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EZ Flow Pro Pusher
EZ Flow Pro Pusher Designed for cleaning and preparing the nail bed without scratching. ?‚¬? Double-ended for double-duty keeps cuticles in line AND removes Pterygium just by switching ends, so your work is done without having to sanitize two tools!...
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DL Pro - Ceramic Cuticle Pushers
DL Pro - Ceramic Cuticle Pushers Ceramic cuticle pushers are ideal for manicures and pedicures. Gently pushes back cuticles and are made of fine, long-lasting, ceramic stone. 6 pushers per pack: 3 white and 3 black.
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Satin Edge Cuticle Pusher & Gel Remover
Satin Edge Spa Tools Gel Remover & Cuticle Pusher (SE-2120) Quickly removes gel polish after soaking. Preps nails and cuticles for polish application. Product Features Stainless steel Quickly remove gel polish after soaking Preps nails & cuticles for polish application...
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